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halftime show and hedgehog cheerleaders. fans have a lot to be excited about right now. >> coming up, which rain is heading into the nfl's hall of fame. good morning maryland at 5 begins right now. >> you're watching the station that works for you. now, good morning maryland. >> this belongs to baltimore. >> we are waking up this morning very happy in charm citych the ravens -- citych the ravens are bringing -- city. the ravens are bringing home the lombardi trophy. thanks for being with us. i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. it's a tough monday because most of you are probably tired of watching the game and a little stressed. lenda so said she watched underneath a blanket and lynette it was not because she was cold. >> i was fine during the first and second and oh, yeah and then the third that was so bad.
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but we won so that's all that matters. so didn't matter that we had snow yesterday. that's gone but we will see more snow going later into afternoon and evening. looking at maryland's most powerful radar and we scan the skies and not a whole not see but there's lot to feel because ellicott city the temperature is at 21 right now. we have the winds out of the northwest at 5 miles an hour. we have a wind chill. we are feeling like we are in the teens this morning. pylesville's temperature is at 20 with wind out of the northwest at 7 miles an hour. 25 in baltimore with the winds out of the northwest at 6 miles an hour. very dry air in place once again. and this is what we can expect heading through the rest of today. we are waking up around 10 and temperatures at 28 degrees. but the breezes will be out there. it's going to be very cold by lunchtime with the temperature coming in at 30. and we won't budge much from the 30. we will get to about the freezing degree mark for a high temperature for today. let's check the abc2 timesaver
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traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning. what a game. so awesome. if you are traveling this morning, not getting much sleep after that big game, but no delays to get in your way on 97. it's nice and clear whether you are going to route 50 or up north towards 695. traveling on 95, this is what it looks like at the fort mchenry tunnel. traffic is moving along. an 8-ment right north -- 8- hadn't right -- 8-minute ride northbound. other timesaver traffic drive times no delays on 695. it's taking 11 minutes to travel the outer loop from 95 up to 83. and 11 minutes over on the west side to travel the outer loop from 795 down to 95. that's a look at your morning commute. megan and charley over to you. >> two minutes after 5, no doubt about it, it's a glorious monday morning. they did it. the ravens won the second superbowl title in franchise history and charley is at the
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live desk with more and it came down to the wire. >> it's fitting after jumping out to a 26-6 -- 28-6 lead the game would come down to the ravens bread and butter, a goal line stand by a veteran defense with san francisco knocking on the door to the highlights. now we go, the ravens struck first in the first quarter. joe flacco found boldin in the back of the end zone. ravens go up 7-0. and they tacked it on again after recovering a fumble they drove down for another score. this one, flacco to pitta. 14-3 baltimore. and once again in the second carder -- quarter a great play and throw and catch by jones. gets up and evades two defenseers to the end zone but he was not done on the day leading off the third quarter 108 yards later tying a superbowl record to the house and you think the route is on and then the lights go out.
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merced -- at the mercedes superdome and it breathes new life in the 49ers scoring 17 quickly and you think what's going on. it comes down to a 4th and goal stand by the ravens and the defense held strong once again. kaepernick overthrowed crabtree. the lombardi troughy is coming back to baltimore. after the game the man never lost for words terrell suggs. >> we lost three. >> a row and you counted us out. out them picked broncos, patrons, texans. none of you all had ravens in this game let alone winning it. baltimore city, charm city, world champions baby. >> that's all that needs to be said. flacco was named mvp and he threw for 3 touchdowns, 287 yards and baltimore is the
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first team to beat san francisco on a superbowl. baltimore has 3 super bowls to the title as a city. the first with the colts that was back during superbowl 5. and there were 34 minutes when you weren't watching any action on the field because you couldn't. the power outage at the super dome had us wondering when will the lights come back on. they did and luckily it didn't stop the ravens from winning. now they are offering somewhat of an explanation. it occurred when equipment dedeathed an abnormality -- detected an abnormalities. they ruled out terrorism and ruled out reports of a fire. get ready to see them everywhere. we are talking about t-shirts, hats and jersey that will read superbowl champs xlvii. linda so is live this morning. have you gone in yet? >> reporter: i have. you know, employees just
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arrived at modell's sporting goods in karney and they are turning the lights on and this is all the shirts than had selling like hot cake. purple, gray, black and rings don't like my favorite. all kinds of ravens paraphernalia to cater to the fans who want to tell the world we are the superbowl champs. this is what it looked like at dick's sporting goods last night. fans flocked to the store after the game to get their hands on purple pridech the store opened 15 minutes -- pride. the store opened 15 minutes after the ravens won and people were waiting outside. once they got inside the lines to check out took up to an hour and a half. but for fans, it was all worth it. >> ravens gear. >> i am going brag the ravens are number one. >> how does it feel superbowl champions it's great. >> when i say joe facto. >> -- flacco. >> you did it you took on great
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braidy and manning and overcame everybody and proved to the town and world that we are champions. >> reporter: and now all the sporting good stores have memorabilia to prove it. modell's opened last night as well right after the game as soon as the clock went down to zero. they sent the doors open. people were waiting in their parked cars outside to get in the store and get their hands on some of the latest shirts that came out haling the ravens are superbowl champs. doors will open at 6 this morning. and employees are here getting the store ready and they are stocked and have plenty. linda so, abc2 news. they were partying in the streets of baltimore when the clock wound down to discoero as people began to -- zero as people began to party in the
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street. did that streaker leave you alone. >> reporter: yea made his way home. but that's one example of the excitement and happiness. folks were out here until the wee hours of the morning. last night it was packed and take a look. you can see the evidence of that party here. you can see a lot of trash filled the street here. definitely a smell of alcohol in the air. there's a lot of cleaning that needs to be done. look at this video. this is the scene on south charles street as fans poured into the streets. baltimore spent most of 3/4 of the superbowl in jubilation only to defend an archingous moment as 49ers -- anxious mope as the 49ers -- moment as the 49ers fought back. the crowd spilled into the streets to celebrate and folks were singing and dancing and cheering and fans climbed light posts and men began to climb trees and taking off their shirts. folks honked their horns and
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shot off fireworks. people waved sparkleers, it was pure excitement as folks celebrated the win and everywhere you look you can see a purple haze after that celebration. reporting live in federal hill, sherriejohnson. >> both of your sons are in the superbowl, one does have to lose and it was the younger of the two in this case john harbaugh said it was the most difficult thing he had done but has nothing but respect for his younger brother. >> there's no greater competitor there's no greater coach than the -- in the national football league or in the world as far as i am concerned than jim harbaugh and the way that team played proved it. what they have done the last 2 years is unprecedented and theyshowed it today the way they battled back and fought to the end. that's who he is and they are and i could not be more proud of him and what he's done there. >> the ravens victory parade is
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tuesday beginning at 11 in the morning at city hall and ending at m and t bank stadium. we will cover it live so if you can't make it downtown stay with us for the action on the air and online at it's 10 minutes after 5 and let's check the weather and go over to meteorologist lynette charles. >> all right. we are dealing with breezy conditions this morning. we can see the winds out of the west at 5 to 15 miles per hour across the area. easton coming in at 13. more of the same in joshing this morning. if you are traveling a-- york this morning if you are traveling along i-83. with the wind chill, this is what it feels like on the, posed skin so bundle up. it foals like 9 in york -- feels like 9 in york, 15 in frederick. this is what we look like through the rest of the morning. sunshine, but clouds will build back in ahead of a new system that will work in going through the afternoon and overnight. a quick clipper that will be in and out.
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let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: they did it. the ravens are champs. we are so proud of them. awesome game last night. if you are heading to work this morning, the jfx is nice and clear. nothing to get in your way from the beltway to downtown baltimore. everything is up to speed through the fort mchenry and harbor tunnel and here's a live look at the west side at baltimore national pike. traffic is moving along. this is the seam case all the way around the belt -- same case all the way around the beltway. now over to you. ravens fans have another reason to celebrate besides the superbowl. >> former offensive tackle jock ab-- jonathan ogden is making it to the hall of fame. another famous rain didn't makethe cut. >> and millions spent on the ads during the superbowl. which ones lived up to the hype and which ones let you down and which ones made you feel sick. that go daddy ad bothered me. >> that's gross.
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>> it's really gross.
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jonathan ogden.
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>> how great was that. even before the game stared ravens fans had a reason to be excited. jonathan ogden will be inducted into the football hall of fame. ogden is the first draft pick in the ravens history and was elected into the pro foot hall hall of fame. 22 picks later the ravens picked up ray lewis. this was og condition's first year of eligibility and art modell was a finalist but he fell shore of election. modell has been a controversial candidate in part because of he moved the browns to baltimore. some say that's why it was a tough pick. news time 5:15. let's go back over to lynette. yoi watched the-tire game -- you watched the-tire game. >> i -- entire game. >> i did. >> what did you think when the lights went out. >> i thought it was setup. temperatures this morning we are cold and temperatures coming in below average in parkton and 20 degrees and 25 in baltimore. annapolis at 24. ijamsville at 22 this morning.
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22 in northeast and centerville at 27 and good morning easton, you are at 25 degrees. we do have the wind though gusting now it's been reported 32-mile-an-hour wind gust in baltimore. 30 inn a -- in annapolis. and ijamsville coming in at 37. so this is what it foals like. it -- feels like it feels like 7 in parkton and 12 if ijamsville. sattelite and radar not picking up on a whole lot. we will have high pressure build in this morning. just briefly because we look back off towards the west there, and we have a clipper that's going to move in and clip us with some light snow and a dusting to an inch going through tonight and also tomorrow. we will see more of the same. but this is what we look like heading through the abc2 most accurate planner. the high coming in at 32. and the 7p day forecast -- 7- dayforecast brings us rain by friday. let's check the traffic with
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lauren cook. >> reporter: i don't think the know is going to keep anyone away from the parade for the ravens tomorrow. what a game last night. very, very awesome. if you are heading out right now, 95 in white marsh will be nice and clear. nothing to get in your way. it will take 14 minutes southbound from the beltway all the way to downtown baltimore. and everything is up to speed through the tunnels. heading out to 695, this is what it locks like in parkville at -- looks leek at parkville at harford road -- like at parkville at harford road. old court road normal kins. 7 minutes on outer loop from 795 to 70. megan and charley, over to you. sloppy kisses and cute clydedales and rowdy seenions. >> we will look at your -- seniors. >> we will look at your favorites. some say it was money well spent and some may have missed the mark.
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♪ with so much competition, finding the right job is never easy. but with the nation's largest alumni network,
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including those in key hiring positions, university of phoenix can help connect you to a world of opportunity.
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here in baltimore the focus is on the game, but some fans it was about the commercials. >> yeah this year it was a mix of funny and sexy and serious once. bud wiser introduced a new beer
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and it showed the new horse being raised by a farmer and then reuniting him at the end. >> and who can forget the kiss ad for go daddy i would like to forget that ad. super model making out with a nerd for an uncomfortablely long amount of time. on twitter, it was saying it took 65 takes to get this right. >> wow. a lot of smooching. the marketing department at tide loves the ravens at least that's what the commercial implied. it showed a 49ers fan who spills something on his shirt in the shape of joe man tana and becomes a shrine until she washes it. you see her sporting number 27 jersey and saying go ravens. we want to know what was your favorite ad. head to the facebook fan page and let us know what you think. superbowl 47 had a number of names some called it the har
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bowl and others beyonce bowl. >> it turns out sasha fierce put on quite a show. a recap of her show including the reunion with destiny's child. >> shaquille o'neal loves beyonce. his video from the stands. what he was -- is he life syncing? >> can -- lip syncing. >> i will tell you when the wet weather comes in and what form it takes. >> reporter: no delays on interstate 70 at columbia pike. i will lety know what it look like -- let you know what it looks on 95, 695 and 83 coming up on good morning maryland. the car on the left was filled up with low detergent gasoline. while the car on the right was filled up with bp gasoline with invigorate. which helps clean and protect its engine so it can get a few more miles per tank than the car on the left. i can't believe your mom let you take her car! this is awesome! whoooo!
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you're crazy. go faster! go faster! go faster! go faster! no! stop...stop... (mom) i raised my son to be careful... hi, sweetie. hi, mom. (mom) but just to be safe... i got a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
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oh say can you see ♪ >> alicia keys belting out the national anthem yf yesterday before superbowl vl -- xlvii and she accompanied herself by piano that's how it should have been done. for those of you betting it was at 2 minutes 15 seconds she
5:26 am
went 2 minutes 38 seconds. >> oh. >> extended it and that's lowering than natalie kohl's superbowl -- longer than nataliekohl cole's superbowl record. >> so it was long. >> yes. >> and it was beautiful. beyonce took the stage and wowed the crowd. >> ♪ [ music ] she >> she sent the crowd into a frenzy including a reunion with destineie's child and sang few songs with her girls from destiny's child before ending the set alone. one audience member really enjoyed beyonce performance. look at this. and poked fun at lip syncing at the national anthem. shaquille o'neal mouthing the wrong to hailo as -- halo as she sings it during the
5:27 am
halftime show. >> it was a nail biter of a game that had many of us wondering can we really win? >> are we going do it. the ravens managed to hold off the 49ers and take home the trophy. we will have a recap of everything if you missed one second we will fill you in. >> celebrations went well into the night here. some may be going on. but you know they are rocking the house in the big easy. jammy costello will -- jamie costello will have sights and sounds from the super dome when we continue. >> reporter: top america's money a milestone on wall streetmorning. dow jones opens above 14,000 for first time in more than 5 years. since before the financial crisis the dow is up almost 7% sin the start of the year. u.s. pickup truck sales are expected to soar topping 1.7 million. pickups haul in most of the earnings for the companies 90 ears for ford and 2/3 for general motors. zombies swarmed the box office thanks to help from teenage girls who are not interested in
5:28 am
football. warm bodies took the top spot with 20 million in the opening weekend. and when the lights went out during the superbowl, several advertisers rose to the occasion using twitter. oreos says the cookie is fun to dunk in the dark and tide says you can get your blackout but we can get your stains out. that's america's money. i am rob nelson.
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you're watching the station that works for you. now, good morning maryland. >> baltimore we are coming home baby. we did it. >> you are waking up this morning with a big smile on your face. the ravens are world champions. good morning maryland. it's a glorious monday morning. thanks for joining us i am
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